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Did you catch episode 6 of our podcast “The Inspired Educator” when it landed a few weeks ago?? You might have missed it, as we were crazy busy at the time and didn’t pop it up here so you would know all about it! 

Our brilliant buddy Jeff A Johnson, over at Explorations Early Learning/Playvolution HQ is producing our podcasts for us (for which we are incredibly grateful!) and you can listen on your favourite podcast app under the Child Care Bar and Grill podcast feed. Here is a link to episode 006

EPISODE 006 – Men in Early Childhood with Tristan Page
Let’s face it – men are severely outnumbered in the early childhood profession. While I’ve known many services to say “We would love to have a male working in our service!” the reality is, that there are not enough men out there. Why? Are there issues of sexism at play? Are men deterred by societal “norms” and assumptions? In this episode, we chat with educator Tristan Page. Tristan has been an educator for over 18 years and provides a great insight into what it is really like as a male in a female-dominated profession. 

** We recognise that it is not a black and white – male/female situation and do not wish to exclude anyone based on gender identity. Gender identity and stereotypes are something we would love to continue exploring and thinking critically about in the way we present information and ideas. Please bear with us as we fine-tune!! **


If you have any comments or questions about the episode, we would love to hear them. Perhaps there is something that we talked about that you would like more information on, or you have a topic you would like to hear explored in an upcoming episode? Maybe YOU would like to be interviewed! Our aim is to talk to educators all around the country (and overseas!) about their everyday practice with children. 
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