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Inspired EC has a team of passionate professionals who can provide a range of consultancy services to meet the needs of your service. We pride ourselves on having consultants with a range of passions, qualifications, knowledge and experience. This enables us to customise consultancy services to suit you! Please contact us today for a quote. We have put together some comprehensive packages to support services in a variety of areas.

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Please provide your location and any specific requirements you may have so that we can customise a quote for your service


Having the right educators can make the world of difference to the operations of your service. We can assist you to recruit the right educators for your team. This may include: developing position descriptions, developing and posting advertisements, reviewing and shortlisting applicants, contributing on an interview panel, contacting both successful and unsuccessful applicants and assisting with the orientation of new employees. We can create a customised quote based on the needs of your service.

Programming Consultancy

One of our experienced consultants will visit your service and review your program. By looking at the physical environment, and documentation of the program, our consultant will be able to provide feedback and support for your educators, ensuring that they are meeting the requirements of the National Quality Framework and that the program is meaningful, practical and respectful. We can then provide training for your team to support them to make positive changes.

Support with Policy and Philosophy Development

We are experienced in developing Policies and Philosophies and are passionate about these not only meeting the requirements of the NQF, but also being unique to your service. We do not believe that it is possible to simply copy and paste one policy into multiple services. We will work with your team and all key stakeholders (including children, families, management and the community) to develop policies and a philosophy that really underpins who you are and why you do what you do. We also offer an affordable email service where you can send us your existing policy and we recommend changes and inclusions such as theory, research and format changes.

QIP Consultancy

We can work with your team to develop or review your quality improvement plan. We can provide strategies for gaining input from all stakeholders and can facilitate development sessions to ensure that all voices are heard and that the plan is concise and meaningful. We also offer an affordable email service where you can send us your completed QIP and we can recommend changes and inclusions.

Management Consultancy

Our consultants have experience in management positions and can provide support for new and “old” Directors and management. This support may include: rostering, developing position descriptions, meeting planning, HR issues, organisational processes and more.

Coaching in Context

Our experienced consultants can spend time in your service, working directly with your educators. We can observe the skills and practices of educators and provide feedback, advice and opportunities for reflection. This service also enables us to role model quality practice.

Resume / Employment Service

We can review your current resume and provide constructive feedback to assist you to find the right position for you. We will help you work on your personal philosophy, interview technique and can also assist you to write a quality application letter.

Management Coaching with Anna Banks

Option 1

Time:  2hrs Intensive Cost: $325+ GST (additional charges may apply for travel)   This would be a meeting with the aim to:

  1. Clarifying your values and goals as an individual and then as a business.

  2. Determining the culture you would like to develop within the business.

  3. Come up with practical ways that you can begin to instill the culture you would like in your business.

  4. Discuss any other issues that you have specific to your business and team management.

Option 2

Time: 90 min Getting to Know You plus 5 x 1hr business coaching appointments Cost: $585 + GST (additional charges may apply for travel)   We would cover:

  1. 90 min Getting To Know You would be a time for us to get to know each other and for you to discuss the areas of most concern that you would like to work on.

Over the 5 coaching appointments we would cover:

  1. The basic tools of awareness.

  2. The Personalities and how to work with them.

  3. Love languages

  4. Self-esteem and basic communications skills plus more


Our centre used the expert services of Inspired EC for recruitment of diploma and Director positions. They managed the process professionally and with expert opinion which resulted in an excellent outcome for the centre. With matters regarding Early education, care and the NQF I would recommend Inspired EC. Well you’ve done it again, always doing a great job! Many thanks for all your work selecting my new staff members. They all bring something different to the mix but they all have an intense passion and commitment to what they do. Both candidates made comments as to the excellent interview they attended. They said you instantly made them feel at ease and the usual nerves they have at interviews disappeared as they were able to take time and answer the set of questions that they felt were so helpful in bringing out who they are as applicants. We don’t always get acknowledged for what we do, so I thought I should pass on these comments on to you. Julie Sutton from Adamstown Child Care Centre, NSW