11/48 Oakdale Rd Gateshead, NSW 2290 02 (49478112)
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Did you know that in January 2018, Inspired EC became the first provider of TimberNook in Australia?!
We were delighted to launch TimberNook Newcastle - located at Garden Suburb. 

What is TimberNook?

Founded in the USA by Angela Hanscom, TimberNook  "is not your typical nature program. TimberNook intricately weaves the therapeutic aspects of nature with its unique understanding of child development to create an outdoor program that supports every aspect of the growing child. We do this by skillfully using the environment as inspiration for creative play opportunities that challenge the mind, body, and the senses." - www.timbernook.com 

What do we offer? 

  • Playgroups (0-6years) 
  • School Holiday Programs (5-12years) 
  • Excursions for Child Care Centres, Preschools, Schools and Other organisations/groups
  • Birthday Parties

How can I find out more and register? 

Visit the TimberNook website to learn more about the program and to register for one of our sessions. You can also find TimberNook Newcastle on Facebook and Instagram!
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