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Chrissy Stafford

Lake Macquarie, NSW

Chrissy Stafford

My name is Chrissy Stafford. I live at home with my husband and our 3 beautiful children. I hold a diploma in Children's Services. I have been working in Childcare for 10 years in different childcare settings, however I am new to FDC. I fell in love with Inspired FDC at the beginning of 2019 and began my journey of creating a space where children can learn and play in a safe and welcoming environment. My house is a home for children and their families; a place where all feel safe, secure and a sense of belonging. My home is an environment that not only provides for children’s needs but also nurtures their self-worth and allows them to express themselves freely. In my home and outdoor play area there are opportunities for children to explore, create, relax, have fun, use their imagination, be active and be spontaneous. We live close to a beautiful lake, which we explore regularly. We throw rocks in the water, climb trees, and continually explore the world around us using our senses. There is also a playground near by that we enjoy visiting. These activities give us ample opportunities to be active and build our strength, resilience and self worth. I try to foster the development and well being of every child, knowing that every child is unique; each having their own strengths, interests and abilities. I believe every child should be encouraged, celebrated and valued for their differences. I love to foster the children's sense of wonder and a love for living things. I aim to install in them a deep respect for the land, nature and animals and help them develop a positive and proactive attitude towards the environment and a sustainable future.

Kim Andrews - From Little Things

Adamstown, NSW

Kim Andrews

My name is Kim Andrews and I operate From Little Things Family Childcare from my home in Adamstown. My husband and I both grew up in Adamstown and have a strong connection to our local area. We have 2 adult children and 2 young grandchildren who also live close by. My focus is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where children feel secure, confident and develop a sense of belonging while in my care. I have created calm uncluttered spaces that allow children to move around freely, explore and choose activities that follow their own interests. Our local playground, library and fruit shop are all within a short walk from my home. Excursions to these locations allow us to extend on current activities and help provide inspiration for new ideas and discoveries. Our daily routine provides children with a sense of consistency and predictability, however it is always flexible to ensure each child’s individual needs are met. Working in a small group setting allows me to make subtle adjustments as we move through our day to help foster a happy stress free environment that children feel at home in.