71 Prospect Rd Garden Suburb NSW, 2289 02 (49478112)
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Is your outdoor space in need of some love?

When we completed our very first playground design and development project in 2010, we couldn't have imagined just how many playgrounds we would go on to make an impact on! Our process for playground design and development is quite unique in its collaborative nature. We work closely with your educators, management, families, community and perhaps most importantly - the children, to create spaces that are playful, natural and inspiring.

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Why choose Inspired EC?

We strongly believe that we can work with you to design and develop a space that you love, and more importantly - that the children love.

  • Our design team are experienced early childhood consultants and former educators - we know PLAY!

  • Our landscape crew are experienced, skilled and understand how different it can be completing works in an early childhood setting (they are used to endless questions from 4year olds and 'unusual' requests from educators... and us!)

  • Your service will be provided with documentation of the design, collaboration and development process (very handy for evidencing the changes made and the reasons behind these. Perfect for A&R and also when new educators and families start at the service)

  • We embrace your unique context, location, local culture and native plants

  • Collaboration and connection are key!


  • “Inspired EC took a regular outdoor space and made it something truly amazing. Through consultation with our children, families and educators, we were able to design a space which was truly authentic to the needs of the children within our community, using natural and upcycled materials. This space influences and reflects the core values of our service philosophy and shapes the way educators interact with our children, families and each other. Our outdoor environment mirrors our indoor, as an exciting place to learn with areas created to enhance and promote learning. The Inspired EC family, particularly Tash, Neil and Daniel have become a huge part of our service during their time with us, and we continue to work with them in many aspects as they became part of the service itself. Our relationship is built on learning, knowledge, understanding, and the improvement of Early Childhood Education for our future; the children.”
    Steve Watts - Centre Manager - Maryland Kindy Patch