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How do we support parents and families?

Inspired EC was founded by two women - Tash and Nicole. Both are mama's: Nic has three young ones, while Tash has two boys plus the bonus of two stepkids. Our team is predominantly comprised of women and mama's... between us there are dozens of children! So, we know how tough this parenting gig is. In 2014 we founded Inspired Family Day Care - a family day care service that now has educators in four states, with hundreds of children enrolled. The aim was to provide children and families with access to early childhood care and education that embraces outdoor play, risk taking, a connection to the natural world and is build on strong, authentic relationships. In 2018, we launched TimberNook Newcastle - the first TimberNook program in Australia. This program provides children and families with the opportunity to explore in nature and develop their physical skills.</p><p>We also have a range of resources, books and toys for the home, available in our Inspired Natural Play Store. We hope to launch some new initiatives for parents and families in the coming months and years - stay tuned!