Reflections on Practice-Pets in the Play Environment (Digital)

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We are delighted to introduce the latest workbook of our Reflections on Practice Series, Pets in the Play Environment

This series offers professional development in a small, easy to manage in-house style.

This resource is designed for early childhood educators of all qualification and experience levels. It is divided into four clear sections:
1.Stories and Understandings
2.Delving Deeper
3.Reflecting on Practice
4.Dreaming, Planning and Taking Action

​Why this topic?

Animals can support wellbeing and even assist some children in settling into the care environment. For this reason, many early childhood services make the decision to have a pet (or several). Pet ownership is not a decision that should be taken lightly and the opportunity to reflect specifically on the HOW and the WHY of having a pet in the service, raises many questions, questions that stretch far beyond “what pet should we get?”

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