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Local Tours and Visits

We regularly run 'stickybeak tours' in the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie area. These days are a great opportunity to connect with a bunch of other professionals and visit a variety of services to take a closer look at their environments and ways of working. The tours are a great day - with yummy food, lots of reflection and even seem prizes! Details of these tours are listed on our live training and events page, and usually book out quick! Due to COVID-19, we are not currently running any stickybeak tours, however we encourage you to check back regularly as restrictions are lifted and the possibility of visiting services arises again.

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International Study Tours

In the last few years, we have taken study groups to the USA, the UK and New Zealand. The aim of these groups is to for educators and professionals to immerse themselves of the unique cultures, environments and practice of other places and to build strong relationships, connections and understanding. These tours are facilitated by our team and include a range of activities and opportunities. Due to COVID-19, our International Study Visits are currently on hiatus, although we have plans for a 2021 NZ Study Tour and would love you to join us.

Looking to do a customised tour for your team?

In the past, we have put together tours for individual teams. Some of these tours have been interstate, others local, but all have been customised to suit the unique needs of the service or organisation. Perhaps your team wants to focus on infant/toddler practice and environments, or maybe outdoors is a priority. We can select the services that best suit your requirements and organise and facilitate a day of reflection and team building.


  • Just a note to thank you for your support in organising our lovely day with Tash, Jo and her educators yesterday. What an amazing team of educators, they were such lovely people and all of them went into the day with such open hearts and open minds. It was nice to see even some of the younger, less confident staff members shift in their understanding and comfort level throughout the day … I really enjoyed sharing our magical spaces and amazing team with them! What an incredible leader they have in Jo, I was blown away by their plans and philosophy – learned so much from talking with them about their practise and centre! Last but certainly not least, I wanted to express my appreciation to Tash. She was just a delight, so warm, friendly and REAL. Often when we meet consultants they can be a bit removed or out of touch with the real world. The way Tash interacted with the staff, tuned into the particular educators who she could see had less confidence and drew them together as a team was inspiring. I love making new friends and had such a great time working with her. Please pass on my sincere gratitude to her! It’s been great to make the connection with you girls, you are doing fantastic work, congratulations! Hope we have the opportunity to work together again at some stage.
    Lisa Coxon - Director of Minimbah Early Childhood Centre Junior Campus Woodleigh School