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What are Talking and Thinking Floorbooks?

The Talking and Thinking Floorbooks® Approach (developed by Claire Warden) is a child-led learning method which promotes higher order thinking and can help raise attainment in settings. Floorbooks® are used by a wide variety of settings throughout the UK, Australia, US, and internationally. The Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Approach has a number of different elements: A Talking Tub™ - use provocations to discover child interests. A 2D or 3D Mind map - discuss what we already know about a child interest. A Floorbook - document the learning and then plan further learning.

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Meet Our Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Trainer

Tash Treveton is the co-founder of Inspired EC and is licensed by Claire Warden as a trainer in the Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Approach. Tash loves the simplicity and the child-centred nature of the approach and has delivered this training to hundreds of educators in recent years.

How do I book this training for my service?

We can run Talking and Thinking Floorbooks as smaller sessions or a full day, delivered in your service or organisation. We do sometimes have public sessions - so be sure to check the 'Live Training and Events' page to see if there is something in your area. If you are looking for training for your whole team, allow us to provide a quote for you.