When kids make you cry

Twice in the last month I have cried at work! Well, it could have even been more than that, but these two occasions stand out because it was a child that made me cry. And no…there was no physical pain involved in these two episodes!

The first was when one of our amazing little girls spent her last day at the centre. Having been with us for 4 years and sharing lots of ups and downs with her, we prepared to say our goodbyes – it was so much harder than I thought it would be. The moment she arrived that morning I burst into tears! Now, I swear I am not usually a soppy person, but there is something about seeing these precious little beings head off into the next phase of their lives that just makes me tear up (yes…it happens every year!) And its not about children being your “favourite” but there are often children who you just have a stronger bond with or who have touched your heart due to family circumstances, or with whom you’ve shared a difficult journey.

The second occasion was yesterday. Not long after arriving at work, one of our educators bought in an artwork to show me. One of our five year olds had painted and (with assistance) written a letter to Santa. In it she asked for chickens and fish. When the educator asked if there was anything else she liked she said she had enough toys, but then added to the letter “presents for people who don’t have them” Reading such thoughtful words made me well up with a mixture of pride and amazement.

It really is what I love about working with children – they really make you feel! Some days it’s sad (as in the first instance), others its proud, frustrated, delighted….the list goes on!

Tell me I am not the only one??
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