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Welcome to Inspired EC

Inspired EC was established in 2008 and now works with services all throughout Australia. While our passion lies in nature based education and the importance of play in high quality environments, what really sets us apart is our approach to working with early childhood professionals. We do not believe that it is up to us, or anyone for that matter, to give all the answers. We pride ourselves on asking the questions and supporting educators to come up with their own answers. Just as we believe that children are competent, capable learners, able to hypothesise, problem solve and create - the same applies to the adults that we are lucky enough to work with. We look forward to working with you!

Who are we?

Inspired EC was co-founded by Tash Treveton and Nicole Halton, who formed an instant connection when they began working together in a preschool room back in 2003. Both Nicole and Tash are experienced speakers, writers and consultants who love sharing their passion with educators. In 2012 the team began to grow and now in 2020, we have over 20 full time, part time and casual staff who have joined the Inspired family.

Tash Treveton - Co-Founder

Nicole Halton - Co-Founder

Emma Cornwall - Nominated Supervisor (ACT) Inspired FDC

Keilla Hobourn - Office Manager, Inspired EC

Bianca Thomas - Administration Assistant, Inspired EC

Denise Spencer - Facilitator TimberNook Newcastle

Janina Sharer - Nominated Supervisor, Inspired FDC VIC

Tara Davidson - Nominated Supervisor, Inspired FDC QLD

Lauren Jackson - Nominated Supervisor Inspired FDC NSW

Kirsten Perry - Mentor Inspired FDC QLD

Carolyn Atkinson - Mentor, Inspired FDC QLD (Mackay)

Julie Smith - Accounts, Inspired FDC

Angela Ebner - Nominated Supervisor, Inspired OSHC Linuwel